Manufacturing Facilities

As a result of substantial growth, APEX Group has expanded its fabrication and engineering facilities to satisfy +350 customers’ requirements with APEX tailored designs. We can guarantee the requested deadline and we count on our finest engineers and newest equipment to deliver the best units for your necessities.

To best support our customers, we have built two grass-roots manufacturing facilities, one in Romania and the newest in Czech Republic.

Our manufacturing facilities totals 18,000 m2 of working floor area and over 2,600 m2 of storage and trial assembly area.

We can rely on our Equipment:

  • Aluminium Finning Machine: McElroy;
  • Special Furnace for Glass-Enameling (Heat-zone height: 1.8 m);
  • Closed Manufacturing Hall for Stainless Steel Products;
  • Blasting Booths for Carbon Steel Products (steel grit), equipped with heavy duty carriages;
  • Blasting Booth for Stainless Steel Products (with glass granules);
  • Painting Booths: airless painting; automatic drying; heavy duty carriages;
  • Robotic Welding Arm and Cradle for T-Welds;
  • Others: CNC Machines.


  • Output capacity – 800 large blocks/year;
  • Cranes lifting – max. 50 tons;
  • Cranes height under hook – max. 10.1 m;
  • Truck Loading/Unloading: 10 trucks/day;
  • Blasting Booths & Painting Booths –capacity 900 m³ per location.