A-CORREX Glass-Enameled Heat Exchangers

APEX Group develops, fabricates and supplies a range of proprietary plate-type and tubular heat exchangers coated with glass (or enamelled exchangers) for handling highly corrosive fluids.

The corrosion-resistant glass layers are applied on a metallic substrate (plate or tube). This metallic substrates imparts mechanical strength to heat transfer surfaces during operation or during water washing.

Applications & Industries
APEX Group has proven the suitability of its products for the following fields of applications:

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Recovery
  • Combustion Air Preheaters
  • Gas / Gas Reheaters
  • Gas Coolers
  • Heat Recovery from Incinerators
  • DENOX Applications
  • DESOX Applications
  • Steam / Water Coils
  • Glycol Coils

Fluids Handled
These products are suitable for handling a large diversity of fluids, such as:

  • Combustion Air
  • Fluegas from combustion of: gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, coal, wood, solid waste
  • Steam, water, glycol
  • Vapour, condensing or non-condensing
  • Liquids, subcooled or boiling
  • Industrial exhaust streams

Glass-Coated Plates
These exchangers are built from parallel glass-coated plates assembled by proprietary methods. The plates core is free to expand preventing cracking of the glass layer during the thermal cycles. The rigid frame consists of panels, which are glass coated in the area in contact with the corrosive gases.

Glass-Coated Tubes
Glass-coated tubes offer an alternative design to glass exchangers characterized by a remarkable resistance against high differential pressure and pressure and temperature shocks during operation. The glass tubes are placed in a rigid frame. A special sealing method of the tubes in the tubesheets prevents leakage. The glass-coated metallic tubes are easy to replace, provide a good resistance against acid corrosion and do not break. The tubes can contain fluids pressurised at any level, e.g. high-pressure steam or water.