Plate-Type Heat Exchanger

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Glass-Enameled Heat Exchanger

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Tubular Heat Exchanger

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Summary on validation of APEX Group Plate-Type Heat Exchanger Design Software

Posted on 2018-10-02

APEX-Research B.V. set up a scaled-down transparent model of our plate-type heat exchanger to analyse and optimize the fluid mechanical properties, such as turbulence and pressure drop of our...

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APEX Group will present our latest developments for temperature equalization, at the 16 th European Conference on Mixing

Posted on 2018-09-10

9-12 September 2018, Toulouse, France Nowadays, process heat is usually recovered by Heat Exchangers to increase the efficiency in any process. The preheated air and the cooled flue gas is...

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APEX R&D Department will present at The 5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics (ICEFM)

Posted on 2018-06-26

The conference will take place on 2-4 July 2018, in Munich, Germany. The presentation will focus on “Time resolved PIV visualization of the generation of coherent structures and their...

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"Leaders in Heavy-Duty Plate-Type and Tubular Gas / Gas Exchangers"

"Stadtentwässerung Mannheim would like to present our appreciation to APEX Group, regarding your professionalism in delivering the Heat Exchanger precisely fulfilling our expectation and plant’s demands. (…) Your high quality product keeps an outstanding performance for 10+ years, under the operation at high temperature (900o C) and in a very dirty environment. We would like to thank APEX Group for design engineering, fabrication expertise, excellent collaboration during project execution and after-sale service."

Stadtentwässerung Mannheim

"During the preparation, design and manufacturing process, we have been able to experience the cooperation with APEX as pleasant and the complete package meets the requirements as stated in the scope of supply."

Shell Replacement team

"We were pleased with your execution of this order including on-time document submittal in proper accord to our requirements, easy communication through both email and phone calls direct to your offices and excellent coordination when it came time to arranging the shipment (…) Your professionalism is noted and we would have no problem in recommending APEX for future work."


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