Extensive research forms the foundation of APEX Group’s technology. Our in-house R&D Department focuses on the advanced analysis of fluid dynamics and heat transfer, which allows us to develop technologies which improve the efficiency, longevity and operation of our heat exchangers.

APEX® Free-flow Technology

minimizes the flow separation and fouling tendency to improve cleanability

AIR-CURTAIN® Technology

controls the heat transfer surface temperature to avoid ‘cold-corner’ corrosion

APEX® VariaFlow Technology

ensures a uniform flow-field temperature profile at the outlet of the heat exchanger

APEX® Erosion Technology

improves the resistance of the heat transfer elements against erosion

A-CORREX® Technology

prevents acid dew point or water dew point corrosion

APEX-delfino® Technology

optimizes the flow distribution and the temperature profile for improved operation of our heat exchangers

VORTI-FLEX® Technology

enhances the heat transfer coefficient between two fluids in a laminar or transient flow