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Business Relations

Business Relations



BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o.

Our Haldor Topsoe steam reforming hydrogen plant has been in operation since 1996. Since the beginning of its lifespan, this plant has used an original APEX® plate-type heat exchanger. This heat exchanger has facilitated steady operation without temperature fluctuations. As a result, the heat exchanger has not required any repairs, modifications or replacement in its entire ~28 years of service. We believe that this is a testament to the leading-edge design and manufacturing practices of APEX Group.

Wood PLC

APEX Group was vital to the success of our recent project. The entire APEX Group project team was dedicated to providing a high-quality product in an accelerated timeframe. Technically, drawing and design accuracy was superb. Project execution was flawless. Commitments were met on time or ahead of the promised date. The fabrication facility was extremely clean and organized providing for a safe, efficient workplace. Support throughout fabrication and erection enabled the installation to go smoothly. We look forward to continuing our business relationship on future projects and would highly recommend APEX Group.

Orion S.A.

After spending over 6 unsuccessful months of CFD modeling to determine a satisfactory method of blending two fluegas streams at significantly different temperatures, we were running out of options. We contacted APEX for help and they offered their “Temperature Equalizer”. The Temperature Equalizer was installed in one of our North American Carbon Black plants and has proven to be a resounding success, mixing the two streams in extraordinary fashion. The APEX group solved the mixing issue with a very robust and effective design and we are very pleased with the results. – Orion-Americas Project Team - Orion SA


Through its cooperation with APEX Group, ENERGYNEST can testify that this organization has an extensive expertise in the field of pressure vessel and steel structure fabrication. Their know-how and quality craftsmanship ensured that our six ThermalBatteryTM units – located at the Avery Dennison production plant in Turnhout, Belgium – were fabricated in accordance with the highest possible fit-up and welding quality standards. Having reliable partners such as APEX Group is crucial to our work; they enable us to guarantee that our product lives up to its state-of-the-art quality. Considering our long-standing relationship, we are happy to give them an enthusiastic endorsement. We believe that any organization requiring the fabrication of pressure vessels or steel structures would have their expectations met or even exceeded by APEX Group. This is in large part due to their extensive expertise and professional conduct.


During the preparation, design and manufacturing process, we have been able to experience the cooperation with APEX as pleasant and the complete package meets the requirements as stated in the scope of supply. - Shell Replacement Team

Stadtentwässerung Mannheim

Stadtentwässerung Mannheim would like to present our appreciation to APEX Group, regarding your professionalism in delivering the Heat Exchanger precisely fulfilling our expectation and plant’s demands. (…) Your high quality product keeps an outstanding performance for 10+ years, under the operation at high temperature (900o C) and in a very dirty environment. We would like to thank APEX Group for design engineering, fabrication expertise, excellent collaboration during project execution and after-sale service.


We appreciate APEX Group’s design, engineering and fabrication expertise for delivering a heat exchanger able to meet the demanding operating [conditions]. Andritz would like to thank APEX team for their collaboration during the project execution. APEX was available and eager to tackle challenges presented to them and delivered good quality product, service and documentation.


In recognition of Euro-Apex’s compassionate Commitment on resulting the urgent request of reducing exhaust flue gas temperature in 2016. We deeply appreciate your efforts on in-time delivery, advanced products and precision site supervision.

Tianjin Bohua Petrochemical

The superior mechanical design engineering and production execution guaranteed successful operation of equipment withstanding very large Combustion Air flows at 2.5 barg pressure, bearing high seismic and external loads, all fitted into restricting site plot space. APEX Group provided excellent support thought the whole project. We are very satisfied with the installation, operation and the overall performance of the equipment.

China BlueChemical Ltd.

The unit was put into service in October 2010, and passed performance test in January 2011. Temperature, pressure-drop and leakage all meet the design requirements. Now, it is still in good conditions.

China BlueChemical Ltd.

Since being put into service from December 2006, the unit is running well. Temperature, pressure-drop and leakage all meet the design requirements.

Foster Wheeler Fired Heaters

It has been our experience on all these occasions to find that equipment and services offered by Benelux-Apex has met or exceed all requirements and expectation of the offers.


We deeply appreciate your efforts on in-time delivery, advanced products and precision site supervision. Formosa is able to not just meet the EPA regulation, but also benefits from high waste heat recovery.

Motiva Enterprises

We certify that we have in operation two air preheaters supplied by Benelux-Apex B.V. The units were installed in our Port Arthur refinery and have been in continuous operation to our full satisfaction since April 10, 1999.

Qinghai Zhonghao Natural Gas Chemical

Combustion air preheater used in 600KTA methanol plant was provided by Benelux-Apex B.V., the Netherlands. Since its installation and debugging in October 2008, the unit is running well till now. No corrosion occurs. Temperature, pressure drop and leakage all meet the design requirements.


We were pleased with your execution of this order including on-time document submittal in proper accord to our requirements, easy communication through both email and phone calls direct to your offices and excellent coordination when it came time to arranging the shipment (…) Your professionalism is noted and we would have no problem in recommending APEX for future work.

Phillips 66

I would like to acknowledge other aspects of this APEX purchase order also went quite smooth, including project execution, responsiveness to our drawing questions and comments, shop QA/QC, fabrication and transportation on the air pre-heater.

LINDE HyCO SMR Operations

APEX were very proactive in offering advice and formed a core part of our team in planning the upgrade. (…) APEX visited our location during the shutdown itself to inspect the modules and help implement the improvements. (…) APEX were key in helping to define the solution required and suggesting the improvements to ensure deficiencies were permanently removed. I was very impressed with their professionalism and drive.


The unit has been in continuous operation since November 1994 to our full satisfaction.