Company Profile

Advanced Solutions for Heat Transfer Equipment

APEX Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality heat transfer equipment, being a pioneer and leader on the market of plate-type heat exchangers.

Our proprietary heat exchangers are heavy-duty, custom-designed engineering solutions, able to bear extreme requirements of wide range of gas-to-gas heat transfer applications, such as air preheating, heat recovery, emissions control, gas cooling.

We encompass 50+ years of experience and expertise of our founder, Mr. Mircea Dinulescu, and share his vision – to research, create and provide engineering solutions for heat transfer industrial applications. To this day, our Credo remains unchanged, creating the strong foundation for APEX Group’s position in a global market.

"Started in 1990 as a small independent business, APEX GROUP will grow into a reputable designer and manufacturer of high quality low-priced industrial heat transfer and combustion equipment for the international market operating according to the quality principles laid out by international standard ISO 9001. (M. Dinulescu 1991)"

Know-how and Innovation

APEX Group’s strength consists of know-how, patented technology, professionalism and leading-edge engineering. Our Research & Development Department actively expands the knowledge in heat transfer, fluids mechanics and construction materials properties to continuously improve our products and to deliver the best possible engineering solution to our customer. 

Our R&D Engineers provide new solutions for continuously improving  APEX Group’s products and guaranteeing efficient heat transfer, long lifetime, trouble free and user-friendly operation.

Customers Worldwide

APEX Group enjoys a high degree of recognition by a large number of reputable customers, in such fields as Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemicals, Waste-to-Energy and Environmental. Our company is renowned world-wide and naturally we deliver to every corner of the world.

We take pride in being a family-owned company, which allows us to build close connections with our customers and guarantees a personal approach to each project. We strive to support our customers by engaging in dialogue and developing long-term partnerships.

Broadening Horizons

APEX Group develops solutions and products that anticipate the market needs, through encouraging feedback from customers. To materialize our concepts we have expanded our Engineering, Research and Fabrication facilities. Our engineers are motivated to keep up to date with the newest industrial developments in order to provide optimum design solutions for our customers. 


APEX Group’s high quality heat exchangers are custom-designed according to client`s needs, both process-wise and structurally. They are tailored to specific requirements of each application.

Additionally, our extensive know-how resulted in patented technology and leading-edge engineering. This ensures economical and compact design of our products and extends their life-cycle due to corrosion protection and increased operational range to lower Reynolds numbers.