Company History

APEX Group has been built on the knowledge and experience in the field of industrial heat transfer of its founder, Mr. Mircea Dinulescu, actively involved in developing high-performance heat transfer equipment. We encompass his 50+ years of experience and expertise and share his vision - to research, create and provide engineering solutions for heat transfer industrial applications.

How it all started:

Long ago, when Mircea was a young heat-transfer engineer, he was often confronted with Air Preheaters (APH) for petrochemical and power plant heaters. The APH’s were made of heavy cast-iron tubular elements. Mircea’s opinion was that this kind of surface is not optimum for the intended applications. He conducted a theoretical analysis and concluded that a higher performance and a lower price can be achieved by using plate-types of a special design. To prove this, he issued a number of patents and incorporated APEX Group with the purpose of bringing this novel design on the market.
How it is going:

A few decades later, the market for Air Preheaters is dominated by Mircea’s invention, and APEX Group followed his Credo, which stated, since the beginning of 1991, that it will “grow into a reputable designer and manufacturer of high quality low-priced industrial heat transfer and combustion equipment for the international market.”
A look into the future:

We aim to increase the efficiency of existing technologies by improving heat exchangers and working towards their digitalization. Additionally, we are continuously investigating ways our heat exchangers can apply in emerging technologies like Carbon Capture (Direct Air Capture or Post-Combustion Capture), Concentrated Solar Power, Biomass plants, Bio-Refineries and Thermal Batteries.

APEX Group remains committed to improving and expanding its range of advanced products and technologies, world-wide. The Group’s marketing philosophy is aiming to a wide geographical coverage with unified technologies.

"Conquer the Market Through Knowledge"
Mircea Dinulescu, Founder of APEX Group

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