APEX® Free-flow Technology

APEX Free-flow technology can be applied to reduce fouling and pressure-drop, enabling the easy operation of plate-type heat exchangers. This technology is applicable to all of our plate-type heat exchangers (CORPEX and V-FLEX).

The Foundation Concept for High Efficiency Heat Transfer

APEX Free-flow Technology utilized in range of our proprietary heat exchangers provides to the operator the most efficient heat transfer between the two gaseous fluids at the lowest operational costs.

Its principle is the heat transfer surfaces being arranged in such a way that the obstruction to the bulk of the process fluid flow is minimized. This ensures negligible flow separation and well defined velocity profile: a thin laminar sub-layer adjacent to the heat transfer surface and a turbulent flow core. 

Such a flow configuration provides an optimum compromise between a high heat transfer coefficient and total pressure drop of the streams.

Furthermore, operators using in their process system the heat exchangers built in this technology benefit from reduced fouling tendency and accessibility for easy cleaning, which directly reduces overall maintenance costs.

Key Benefits:
  • Low fouling tendency;
  • Low operating pressure drop;
  • Reduced weight;
  • No flow separation;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Very low erosion across heat transfer surfaces;
  • Better integration into flue gas and air ducting of fired heater, reformer, boiler and other furnaces; and
  • Better control of the metal temperature at the cold-end.

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