APEX® Technology

For Minimised Flow Separation and Reduced Fouling

APEX® Free-flow Technology

Primary APEX® Technology

APEX Free-flow is a technology applied to reduce fouling and pressure-drop for easy operation of plate-type heat exchangers. It is the primary Technology applicable to all our plate-type heat exchangers (CORPEX and V-FLEX heat exchangers).

Heat transfer surfaces are formed and/or arranged in a way which ensures no obstruction for the bulk of the processed fluid flow.

APEX Free-flow Technology maintains a reduced obstruction in the flow path in-between the parallel smooth plates. There is no flow separation and the velocity profile is well defined: a thin laminar sub-layer adjacent to the wall and a turbulent flow core.

This flow configuration results in a relatively low level of energy dissipation. Therefore, this flow type is the most efficient, resulting in an optimum compromise between a high heat transfer coefficient and a reduced pressure drop.

Key Benefits:
  • Low fouling tendency;
  • Low operating pressure drop;
  • Reduced weight;
  • No flow separation;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Very low erosion across heat transfer surfaces;
  • Better integration into flue gas and air ducting of fired heater, reformer, boiler and other furnaces;
  • Better controlled metal temperature at cold-end.

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