VORTI-FLEX® Technology

Through our modifications to the heat transfer surface, we have achieved an excellent heat transfer coefficient with low RE numbers while also ensuring a minimum pressure drop of the working fluid.

Flexibility in Equipment Design

There are growing concerns about the environmental and health impacts of industrial operations. This leads to more restrictive regulations aimed at reducing harmful emissions.

In this context, the application of heat exchangers is growing rapidly; heat exchange technology can maximize the benefits of CCS, DeNOx, and DeSOx units. This widened scope of application means that heat exchangers’ operational conditions – such as the maximum allowable pressure drop and the change in working fluid’s flow rates – have never needed to be more varied.

APEX Group’s VORTI-FLEX® technology enables heat exchangers to be operated under the expanding varieties of operating conditions. It allows operation in the lower range of RE numbers – starting from the low RE of 2500 – while ensuring there is no loss in the heat transfer coefficient between two working fluids and that there is no significant increase in the pressure drop.

The VORTI-FLEX® technology is comprised of smart modifications to the heat transfer surface. And, in combination with our APEX® Free-flow technology, the heat transfer surface is modified in a way not to cause any obstruction to the flow of working fluids.

This Technology can be applied to our CORPEX® and V-FLEX® heat exchangers.

Key Benefits:
  • High heat transfer coefficient between the two working fluids at low RE numbers;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • Very low fouling tendency; and
  • No erosion.

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