APEX® Technology

For Enhanced Heat Transfer Coefficient

VORTI-FLEX® Technology

Flexibility in Equipment Design

The range of heat exchanger applications is growing rapidly. For instance, CCS, DeNOx, and DeSOx units are increasingly popular due to growing concern about the environmental and health impact of industrial operations, and more restrictive regulations on harmful emissions. This widened application scope means that heat exchangers’ operational conditions, such as allowable pressure drop and changing working fluid’s flow rates, have never been more varied.

To tackle this variety of operating conditions, APEX Group developed the VORTI-FLEX® Technology. This Technology allows to operate heat exchanger at wider range of RE numbers, starting from low RE 2500, without loss in heat transfer coefficient between the two working fluids and without
significant increase of the pressure drop. VORTI-FLEX Technology comprises of smart modification of the heat transfer surface, which complies with our APEX® Free-Flow Technology. The heat transfer surface is modified in a way not to cause any obstruction to the flow of working fluids, which
prevents fouling, erosion and increase of the pressure drop.

This Technology can be applied to our CORPEX and V-FLEX Heat exchangers.

Key Benefits:
  • High heat transfer coefficient between the two working fluids at low RE numbers;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • Very low fouling tendency;
  • No erosion.

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