Company History

CREDO: "Started in 1990 as a small independent business, APEX GROUP will grow into a reputable designer and manufacturer of high quality low-priced industrial heat transfer and combustion equipment for the international market operating according to the quality principles laid out by international standard ISO 900X." - (Mircea Dinulescu, 1991)

APEX Group has been built on the knowledge and experience in the field of industrial heat transfer of its founder, Mr. Mircea Dinulescu, actively involved in developing high-performance heat transfer equipment for a period of over 40 years.

APEX Group is specialized in developing, marketing and fabricating high-performance heavy-duty gas/gas and gas/liquid equipment for heat recovery and environmental projects. Its patented technology gives APEX Group a solid technical basis and a competitive position, consolidating its position as a major player in its field. Today APEX Group enjoys a high degree of recognition by a large number of reputable customers.

The Group’s marketing philosophy is aiming to a wide geographical coverage with unified technologies. The Group companies have been created in different regions in order to support our customers from a closer location.

APEX Group remains committed to improving and expanding its range of advanced products and technologies, world-wide.