Company Profile

APEX Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality heat transfer equipment.

Our flat plate and tubular heat exchangers are designed to bear the most extreme requirements. We provide innovative and customised engineering solutions for high performing heavy-duty gas/gas and gas/liquid equipment for heat recovery and environmental projects.

Experience and Vision
We encompass 45+ years of experience and expertise of our founder, Mr. Mircea Dinulescu, and share his vision - to research, create and provide engineering solutions for heat transfer industrial applications. To this day, our Credo remains unchanged, creating the strong foundation for APEX Group’s position in the international market:

"Started in 1990 as a small independent business, APEX GROUP will grow into a reputable designer and manufacturer of high quality low-priced industrial heat transfer and combustion equipment for the international market operating according to the quality principles laid out by international standard ISO 9001. (M. Dinulescu 1991)"

Quality and Innovation
APEX Group’s strength consists of know-how, patented technology, professionalism and leading-edge engineering. Our Research and Development Department supports APEX Group’s activities by providing new solutions for continuously upgrading APEX Group’s products and guaranteeing efficient heat transfer, long lifetime, trouble-free and user-friendly operation.

Customers Worldwide
We take pride in being a family-owned company, which allows us to build close connections with our customers and guarantees a personal approach to each project. We strive to support our customers by engaging in dialogue and developing long-term partnerships. Our company is renowned worldwide and naturally, we deliver to every corner of the world.

Broadening Horizons
By encouraging feedback from customers, APEX Group develops solutions and products that anticipate market needs. To materialize our concepts we have expanded our Engineering, Research and Fabrication facilities. Our engineers are motivated to keep up to date with the newest industrial developments in order to provide optimum design solutions for our customers.


We offer flat plate and tubular heat exchangers that operate as combustion air preheaters, gas/gas preheaters, gas coolers, heat recovery from incinerators, gas turbine exhaust recovery and DeNOx installations. The products are continuously developed based on in-house research and feedback from customers.

Heat Exchangers:

  • Plate-Type Heat Exchanger
  • Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Glass-Enameled Tubular Exchangers
  • Glass-Enameled Plate Exchangers

Finned Tubes:

  • Aluminum G-fins


  • Combustion Air Preheaters
  • Recuperators
  • Steam/Water/Glycol/Oil Air Preheater Coils
  • Gas/Gas Reheaters
  • Steam/Gas Reheaters
  • Gas Coolers
  • Economizers
  • Flue Gas Boilers


  • Fabrication Service (based on customers’ design):
    • Pressure Pipes
    • Furnace Coils
  • Customer Support:
    • Field Assistance
    • After-Sales Support
  • Furnace Convection Banks (bare & finned tubes)

Research and Development

The R&D Department focuses on constant development of new products & technologies to fulfil the demands of our customers. Their area of expertise comprise in internal flows, covering a wide range of engineering applications like pipe flows, diffuser flows, heat exchanger flows, filtration systems or complex piping systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics:

  • Commercial FloEFD using advanced k-ε model for simulation of turbulent flow fields and heat transfer;
  • Simulation of customer's duct design;
  • Simulation of concepts to be validated by model experiments.

R&D offers:

  • Experimental Fluid-Dynamics;
  • Flow modelling on scaled models;
  • Analysis of boundary-layer phenomena;
  • Heat transfer laboratory experiments;
  • CFD Simulations;
  • Advanced Flow Measurement Services.

Experimental Equipment:

  • Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) for most accurate velocity measurements;
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for flow structure analysis;
  • Static and dynamic pressure measurements for pressure drop analysis;
  • Hot Wire Anemometry for turbulence and heat transfer analysis;
  • Thermo-element measurements;
  • Latest 3D Printing technology.

Technology and Innovation

Research is the foundation of APEX Group. All our products are based on internal and continuous research. We aim to improve our products, continuously developing technologies that guarantee efficient heat transfer, long lifetime and trouble-free operation.

APEX-delfino® Technology optimizes the flow distribution and influences turbulence for improved operation of our flat plate heat exchangers. This new technology increases the effectiveness and the lifetime of the unit, due to corrosion protection, easy-access cleaning and reduced pressure drop at high heat transfer rates.

Air-Curtain® Technology controls the temperature of the heat transfer plates, keeping it above the acid and water dew point, to avoid condensation.

A-CORREX® Technology helps prevent corrosion by applying corrosion-resistant borosilicate layers on a metallic plate or tube, making it acid-resistant, thermal shock resistant and corrosion-free.

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