APEX Group (AG) has been developing and perfecting its APEX-Technology™ for heavy-duty plate-type heat exchangers continually and consistently since its inception, over more than two decades.

The remarkable quality and performance of these exchangers are underlined by the ever growing volume of sales achieved by AG.

This success, however, is attracting an increased numbers of other suppliers to claim that they, somehow, are associated with this technology and, therefore, could supply same products of same quality and performance. We see, for example, copyrighted information of AG/Euro-Apex B.V. appearing unauthorized on the sites and in the brochures of such companies.

Disclaimer. AG/Euro-Apex B.V. declares that APEX-Technology™ developed by AG has been made available and may be used only by the companies listed on our site under the title "Who are we?" on the home page. Any other suppliers offering same or similar products are not authorized/endorsed in anyway by AG, unless authorized by Euro-Apex B.V. under written agreements. AG/Euro-Apex B.V. hereby disclaims any responsibility for products supplied by unauthorized companies. In case of doubt please contact Euro-Apex B.V.