Quality Management System

Since 1999 APEX Group Quality Management System complies with the requirements of consecutive generations of ISO 9001 standard.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

  • We choose the best materials and work in our in-house fabrication machines
  • Also, we carry out stringent quality controls during the entire production process
  • We take pride in having an internal Quality Control Department that assures that all the units are properly inspected before being send to the client
  • Manufacturing facilities also follow the latest Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015 and Health & Safety standards

APEX Group QA/QC Manager: Mr Radek Švagr

N.D.T. Equipment available:

  • Dye Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Pneumatic / Hydrotest Leak Detection
  • VT, RT and UT Examination

Pressure Vessels 3rd Party Inspectors:

  • MOODY International, CZ
  • Inspekta / Brno, Czech Rep.
  • TÜV, Germany
  • TÜV Czech Republic
  • Lloyd’s Czech Republic, and others

Fabrication Codes: EN1090, EN ISO 3834-2 and ASME Section IX.

Design Codes:

Codes for Pressurized Equipment:
ASME Section I (with S designator)
ASME Section VIII Division 1 (with U designator)
ASME U and S Designator
ASME B31.1

ASME B31.3
EN 13445
EN 12952
AD 2000-Merkblatt

Inspection and testing:
EN ISO 5817
EN ISO 23277
EN ISO 23278
ASME Section V

"We are proud to present this certificate to APEX Group regarding your high quality product and superb performance of CORPEX plate type Combustion Air Preheater (...). The superior mechanical design engineering and production execution guaranteed successful operation of equipment withstanding very large Combustion Air flows a 2.5 barg design pressure, bearing high seismic and external loads, all fitted into restricting site plot space." (Tianjin Bohua Petrochemical CO., LTD.)