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Tubular Heat Exchangers

C-PEX® Coil Pressurized Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers for High Pressure Applications

APEX Group offers a range of tubular heat exchangers of proprietary or conventional design used as heat recovery units for a diversity of fired and non-fired installations. 

The heat transfer elements are made of cylindrical bare or finned tubes or pipes. The process fluid inside the bundle is pressurized (gaseous, liquid or multi-phase), while the fluid flow outside the bundle of tubes is non-pressurized.

The tubular exchangers may be supplied as stand-alone heat recovery units or in combination with plate-type heat exchangers to form complex, integrated heat recovery units.

Key Features


  • ASME I, ASME VIII div. 1, EN13445, AD2000 certified
  • Aluminum finning for clean fluids
  • Steel welded or extruded finning for flue gases or industrial gases
  • Variable finning density depending on allowable pressure drop, fluid properties (such as particulate matter content) and required cleanability
  • Bare metallic tubes can be glass enameled and/or lined with polymer.
  • Polymer tubes for highly corrosive applications

Fluids Handled:

  • Air
  • Flue gas from combustion of: gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, coal, wood, waste, biomass
  • Steam, water, glycol, oil
  • Vapour, condensing or non-condensing
  • Process Streams
  • Industrial exhaust streams

Typical Services:

  • Water or Steam Air Preheater (W/SAPH)
  • Steam Gas Heater (SGH)
  • Flue Gas Boiler / Boiler Feed Water Preheater (BFWPH) Flue Gas Economizer (ECO)
  • Water/Flue Gas Cooler / Condenser (WGC)
Typical Technical Specifications:
  • Design Temperature: Up to 900 °C
  • Design Pressure: 150 barg
  • Duty Range: Unlimited
  • Thermal Effectiveness: Up to 70%
  • Pressure Drop Rates: 0-0.1 barg (outside tube) or 0.5 barg (inside tube)
  • Leakage Rates: Gas tight casing
Applicable Technologies:
Customized Solutions

For applications with excessive fouling tendency or with excessively high temperatures, the heat exchangers can be made of bare tubes. On-line water washing devices may be provided for moist and/or dust-laden gases operating at low temperatures. Bare tube products may be designed in combination with finned products to cover a wider range of process conditions within the same apparatus. 

Steel tubes with aluminum fins, produced under high standards of quality by APEX Group using highly qualified personnel, are suitable for handling only clean gases, most commonly air. APEX Group offers a diversity of designs specially developed for applications such as air tempering and air preheating for combustion processes and for the process industry. The heating medium is steam, water/condensate, or water/glycol mixtures for freezing environments.

For heavy-duty applications, the tubular coils are made of steel tubes with welded steel fins. Such units of a conventional design are used as convection section modules and gas-cooling modules for fired heaters, environmental projects, process industry, etc. or when less clean gases are used.

Acid-resistant gas coolers
C-PEX® heat exchangers can be upgraded with A-CORREX® Technology for service in corrosive and/or condensing flue gases. The bare tubes can be enameled, polymer lined or made of polymer composite to ensure resistance to corrosion due to chemical attack.

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