APEX Group is proud to take part of this year’s Power-Gen Conference & Exhibition taking place in Cologne from 27 th to 29 th of June.

Now, in its 25th year, POWER-GEN Europe and co-located Renewable Energy World Europe, is the dynamic center point, where a rapidly evolving power industry meets to gather information and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges. Attracting a worldwide audience, it is the industry’s premier event, resolved to discussing solutions for advancing Europe’s energy future.

Take some time to visit our booth K73, and you will have the chance not only to find out more about our latest Delfino technology, but also to take part on an interesting LASER experiment.

We will take this opportunity to launch here our APEX-delfino new technology, which is applied to guarantee proper working conditions, to increase the life cycles due to corrosion protection as well as to increase our operation range to lower Reynolds numbers. Find out more by visiting our booth.

Beside some drinks, cakes and fruitful discussions we will entertain you with laser optical measurement techniques applied on a scaled down flat plate type Heat Exchanger model. The experimental set-up, which is equipped with a high end Particle Image Velocimetry System for flow visualization was especially designed for you to easily explain you in detail how we gain knowledge about the Flow Field in our Heat Exchangers.

You can also interact with our engineers, find out more about our products and deliveries and see how can we help grow your business.

Take the opportunity and don’t miss it!