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APEX-Research B.V. is proud to contribute with the paper titled “Experimental investigation of five parallel plane jets with variation of Reynolds number and outlet conditions”. The paper follows the successful participation at the 19th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics in Switzerland. While previous paper focused on the influence of different outlet geometries on jet formation, the current paper focusses on Reynolds number dependency and varying outlet conditions.

Abstract: This article describes an experimental investigation in the near field of five parallel plane jets. The study applies 2D Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for ventilated and unventilated jets, where ventilated means exiting into a duct with expansion ratio 3.5 and unventilated means exiting to the free atmosphere. Results are presented for Reynolds numbers 1408, 5857 and 10510. The Reynolds number is calculated for the middle channel and is based on the height of the nozzle (channel) equivalent diameter 2h. All characteristic regions of the methodology to describe multiple interacting jets are observed by the PIV measurements – converging, merging and combined. Each of the five parallel channels has an aspect ratio of 25 defined as nozzle width (w) to height (h). The channels have a length of 185 times the channel height guaranteeing a fully developed velocity profile at the exit from the channel. Spacing between the single plane jets is 3 times the channel height. The near field of multiple mixing jets is depended on outlet nozzle geometry. Blunt geometry of the nozzle was chosen (sudden contraction).