The conference will take place on 2-4 July 2018, in Munich, Germany.

The presentation will focus on “Time resolved PIV visualization of the generation of coherent structures and their effect on the transition process in narrow rectangular channels.”

Our R&D’s main interest is to improve flow control in our heat exchanger units and to achieve an uniform velocity distribution.

This paper, written in collaboration with Dantec Dynamics, aims at extending the understanding of the transition process from a laminar to a turbulent flow field in narrow rectangular channels in isothermal conditions. The role of the upstream inlet geometry and its impact on flow development has been studied.

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Three inlet geometries have been used to influence the transition process, each geometry having different critical Reynolds number at which the flow is becoming turbulent. The geometries are named square-edged, bell-mouth and undulated geometry. A time resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurement system has been applied in the entrance region for the visualization of coherent vortex structures in terms of vorticity generated by these inlet geometries.