9-12 September 2018, Toulouse, France

Nowadays, process heat is usually recovered by Heat Exchangers to increase the efficiency in any process. The preheated air and the cooled flue gas is then guided to downstream equipment. Global non-uniform temperature distribution at the outlet might cause problems for downstream equipment, like centrifugal fans get unstable, filters fail (Electrostatic precipitator) or burners cannot be optimally operated. APEX-Research B.V. developed a solution for large ducts, called the APEX-delfino® Temperature Equalizer.

Our paper evaluates the mixing performance of a large-scale gas/gas static mixer by using CFD and image based concentration measurement.

Computational Domain of Static Mixer in isometric view including streamlines and contour plots of normalized mass fraction upstream of the mixer and two equivalent diameters downstream of the mixer

The conference will take place from 9 th to 12 th of September 2018 in Toulouse, France. For more information on the conference, visit the conference homepage under http://mixing16.eu/.